Book & Coloring Book Bundle - "Josef, The Indy Car Driver"

  • Enjoy both the "Josef, The Indy Car Driver" and the coloring book. Plus, you can get copies signed by Josef Newgarden!

    The coloring book not only lets you color images from the hardcover book, but there is a simplified text for younger readers too!

    This action-packed title is the perfect way to teach kids about Indy car racing and inspire them to chase their dreams! The story is based on Verizon IndyCar Series sensation Josef Newgarden's actual experience rising through the ranks of open-wheel racing to become a winning driver! Iconic Road America is the featured backdrop for the story. 

    Watch Josef Newgarden's Video about the project:

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  • Age Range:  Best enjoyed by kids ages 5 & Up; the companion coloring book (sold separately) includes text for kids ages 3 & Up.

    Special Features:  Foreword by NBC Sports commentator Leigh Diffey. 

    Product Details:  Hardcover book: full-color, 56-pages printed on high-quality gloss paper. Coloring book: black & white, 24-pages printed on matte paper. Both books are printed and bound in the USA.

    Apex Legends supports Racing for Kids with a portion of proceeds from books sales.


  • Featured Reader Review:  "A great introduction to Indy Car racing for anyone wanting to learn about the series. Chris Workman takes you through a race with exciting details. He explains the features of the cars and talks about how to become a driver. He stresses the importance of never giving up, proper nutrition and exercise, and doing well in school (especially math and science). He covers Indy Car from the perspective of one of its young, charismatic, fan-friendly, American drivers, Josef Newgarden. Josef was the perfect choice for this book. He is a fun driver to be around and has a great sense of humor. Anyone who has followed his Indy Car career knows he is a great example of never giving up. When things don't go well, he stays positive. I'll be reading this book to my class."

    Featured Reader Review: I am delighted that FINALLY a realistic book written for both boys and girls has reached the young readers. This book is about a real race car driver who had a big dream and worked hard to become a winning Indy Car driver, Josef Newgarden. Chris Workman of Apex Legends has truly captured the attention of his audience -but just more than just the audience he wanted - he has captured adults in this "dream come true" tale. I was amazed how easy and interesting it was to read to a child, but was equally fascinated by the story. The illustrations are prefect for the book - they don't glamorize the driver or the sport with unnecessary details, but provide enough to "get the idea" across. As I read this to the neighborhood children, I seemed to open up a doorway to them - not only about dreaming large and achieving it, but in the world of reading itself. There was no greater pleasure than to see their smiles and hear, "Please read it again!" Know I definitely know what to get these children as gifts - keep up the great work, Chris Workman! And you to, Josef Newgarden!!"

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  • Autoweek:  "When it comes to fast reads, 'Josef, the Indy Car Driver' deserves a spot on any young racing fan's podium--or bookshelf."

    Featured Review: "Josef, the Indy Car Driver" is an exciting juvenile biographical sketch of a day at the races with Josef Newgarden. Written and illustrated by Chris Workman, this fast moving book details exciting events in a race at the famous Road America track, with its challenges of tight corners, long sweeping turns and flat-out straights. To begin, Josef meets young fans Avery and Cooper along with their Grandpa Jamie, a friend of Josef's. Josef introduces Cooper and Avery to the racing details of his Indy car, describes the challenges of the Road America track, and even highlights his favorite 'push-to-pass' feature on the car, which can only be used 10 times in a race. Josef also shares how his love of racing began when he was young, racing on a motorized scooter and later on a go-kart. The thrilling story continues with a lap by lap description of the Road America race the next day, with Josef starting as 9th qualifying racer. An important factor in a racer's speed is his pit team's support. Pit teams are so skilled and fast that they can add fuel and change tires in under 8 seconds. In racing, teamwork is essential to achieving your goal. After many thrilling race moments and ups and downs, Josef is able to take the checkered race flag and win, putting himself in third place in the Championship for the Verizon Indy Car Series season. Cooper and Avery cheered for Josef, and later sent him a letter. Josef gave a list of good health tips to future Indy Car Drivers, including eat right and exercise, study hard, try driving to see if you really like it, and stay positive! With its fast moving narrative, and bright against dark comic book style illustrations, "Josef the Indy Car Driver" rivets attention and encourages young readers to work hard to follow their dreams.

    Excerpt from eKarting News Review by Rob Howden: Those of us who are in the motorsports community know how much of a family atmosphere we enjoy, and this book is an absolutely perfect purchase for any racing family looking to ignite the passion and the understanding in our sport in their young ones. As a former kindergarten teacher (there’s an interesting nugget of info for long-time EKN readers), I can honestly state that this book is a must for any racer with young children, as it’s the best thing I’ve read for educating the next generation of racers and IndyCar fans. It’s fun to read, full of easily-understood information, and I can admit that I kept turning the page to see how Josef’s race at Road America – the highlighted event in the story, was going to turn out. To be honest, it’s truly a must for anyone who loves motorsports. It’s just one of those collector items that you need on your bookshelf. Click to read the full review.

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