#Racing Reader FAQs: 

Here are some answers to anticipated questions about the program and how you can help. If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to email cworkman@apexlegends.com.


Q: What if I've already purchased a title from Apex Legends? How can I donate a copy of this title to support the program?

A: There are two options: 1) you can buy a 2nd copy of the book for 50% off to donate, or 2) ask your local library to carry an Apex Legends book (see question below).

To get your book at 50% off, go through the normal purchase process and use code: RaceRead at checkout. Note that you'll be charged the full price, but the code will tell me to validate that you are a repeat customer and I'll refund you the 50%.   

Or, participate in the #RacingReader social media program to help drive awareness of the program and interest in racing-themed kids' books.


Q: How can I participate without buying a book?

A: Encourage your school or public library to purchase a copy by using the book’s title and ISBN#. They can purchase books through my wholesale distributor. Here are the ISBNs for all Apex Legends books - for now only "Josef" and "The Spectacle" are included in #RacingReader but all can be requested for placement at a library:

  • Josef, The Indy Car Driver: 978-0996286930
  • The Spectacle: 978-0996286954
  • Kyle Loves Racing: 978-0996286947
  • The Longest Day: 978-0996286909

See information below about the #RacingReader giveaways and how to help socially and still have a chance at getting a "Thank You" giveaway without purchase.


Q: What about books purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com and other retailers?

A: A portion of proceeds from retail and track book sales will be pooled for book donations through partner activation and special events. For example, books are being donated to the Indy Princesses for donation at school events leading up to the Indy 500.



Q: What about "Kyle Loves Racing" and "The Longest Day?" Are they part of the #RacingReader program?

A: For now, #RacingReader includes only the two IndyCar-themed books. We are working on a different donation program with Kyle that will be announced soon, and we may then add "Kyle Loves Racing" to this program in the future. There are only about 50 more copies of "The Longest Day" in inventory, and no additional copies are likely going to be printed. So, to keep the message simple Ithis book is not included.


Q: What about coloring books? Are they part of the #RacingReader program? 

A: Since it is hard to donate a single coloring book to a library given the intent for how the coloring book is used, I am offering special 5-pack coloring book bundles at a very low cost per book. These are perfect for pre-school or children's hospital donations.


Q: What if I buy a book signed by a driver?

A: The 2nd copy for donation will be unsigned since there are only a limited number of driver signed copies available


Q: How do I enter to have a chance at one of the "Thank You" giveaways? 

A: These will be given away through social engagement with the #RacingReader tag on Facebook & Twitter. Post a pic of your book at the library you select to receive it; you and your kids can certainly be in the pic! I'll do a periodic search of the #Hashtag usage and randomly pull a name to receive a giveaway. Follow Apex Legends' social feeds to get a head's up on what will be given away.

No purchase is necessary - here are other ways you can participate:

  • Request the library carries a book and then snap a pic with it (see ISBN info above)
  • Or since this program is all about encouraging kids to read books about racing (and not just my books, but any book), snap a picture with your favorite kids' racing book or car-themed book and that will be considered an entry too
  • Extra credit - read the copy you currently own to your kids' class and post a pic!


Q: How often will be #RacingReader "Thank You" items be given away. 

A: This will depend on how many items I am able to get from teams, but I am hopeful to give something away every few weeks. 

Q: What if I or a company represent want to do a larger donation program to area schools and libraries?

A: Let's sort out the details! Email me at cworkman@apexlegends.com to figure out a way to make it happen. 



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