#RacingReader Program Overview

School Starts Soon - Let's Work Together To Get Kids Excited About Reading & IndyCar Racing

Apex Legends is focused on helping early elementary age kids to love reading and racing. While many race fans have used books like "Josef, The Indy Car Driver" and "Kyle Loves Racing" to teach their kids about racing, my hope is to place books in libraries so that kids who don't have much awareness of racing can discover the books and spark an interest in motorsports.

So, I am launching a new Apex Legends book donation program called #RacingReader. The program's mission? To place as many books as possible into school and public libraries, and with your help we can do it! 

This graphic sums up how it works - or watch this video:

When you purchase a book, you'll get a card with details on how to donate and participate in the social program (which is key to spreading the word about the program!) as well as a special "I Supported" logo sticker. There are other ways to support without buying a book too.

Pretty easy, right? Together we can motivate kids to read and jump-start a life-long love of racing! Have questions like:

  • How to participate without buying a book
  • How to participate if you've already bought a title but want to be able to donate a 2nd copy
  • What about coloring books?
  • Can I (or a business I represent) do a bulk donation to local schools?

Visit the #RacingReader FAQ page to get all these details and more.

Also, please note that the Racing for Cancer donation packages are not part of the #RacingReader, program, but they are a great way to support this charity and their important cause! Learn more.


  • International orders
  • "The Longest Day" is currently not part of #RacingReader

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