Hardcover Book - Signed by Ryan Hunter-Reay "The Spectacle - Celebrating the History of the Indianapolis 500" Hardcover Book

  • Pre-Indy Special - Help support Racing for Cancer! Get a book signed by Ryan Hunter-Reay for $28 (all of the upcharge plus 10% goes to Racing for Cancer). All books are signed by Chris Workman. For a limited time, all books include a FREE coloring book! (ends 6/6).

    "This is a great way to share our exciting sport of racing with your children while helping support the cancer community at the same time!" - Ryan Hunter-Reay, 2014 Indy 500 Winner and Racing for Cancer founder 

    About The Book

    "The Spectacle - Celebrating the History of the Indianapolis 500" children's picture book is a great way to introduce kids to the history and excitement of American open-wheel racing. From Ray Harroun's victory in the first Indy 500 in 1911 all the way through Alexander Rossi's victory in the 100th Running of this great event in 2016, this book is a comprehensive historical review of the amazing drivers, teams, cars and track have created a legacy at "The Brickyard" over the past century.

    You Can Preview The Book for free!  Free sample excerpts are available for download.


  • Book Format:  Non-fiction, however narrative dialogue between fictional characters ties it together. The content is broken up into a series of short sections on topics like: "The Golden Era," "The British Invasion" and "In The Blink of An Eye."

    Special Features:  Four-time Indy 500 winner, A.J. Foyt, is featured to set up and close the book content. 2014 Indianapolis 500 winner Ryan Hunter-Reay wrote the Foreword. 

    Book Specs: Full-color, hardcover, book printed on high-quality paper. 64 pages.

    Reader Age: The book content is appropriate for kids of all ages. However, given the non-fiction nature of content, the book will be best enjoyed by kids 5-8. Adult IndyCar fans may learn something new too!  The coloring book (sold separately or in a bundle) will include text geared towards younger kids. 


  • Blogger Review - ikissedthebricks.com - "The great thing is this book isn’t just for kids. It’s filled with lots of information to help any fan, old or new, keep track of the last 100 years at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Chris does a great job at both telling a story and sharing facts." - read the full review

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